Bihar Update : Cong is like leech, instigating farmers, Bihar BJP chief

Cong is like leech, instigating farmers: Bihar BJP chief

Patna, Dec 7 : Amid the ongoing farmer agitation, BJP Bihar chief Sanjay Jaiswal on Monday attacked the Congress, saying the party was like a “leech which turns restless if it does not get blood”, and was instigating the farmers.

Jaiswal’s statement comes a day before the farmers’ call for the ‘Bharat Bandh’ on Tuesday. He said the Congress was behind the ongoing farmers agitation in Delhi.

“Leaders of the Congress party are provoking farmers on MSP. I want to point out that the same Congress party during the 2019 Lok Sabha elections had promised in its manifesto to remove the act of Minimum Support Price (MSP) if they would come in power. It is mentioned in page number 17 of the manifesto. Now, Congress leaders and their supporters are criticising the NDA government,” Jaiswal said.

“At present, a large number of farmers are sitting on the borders of Delhi. They are well established and financially sound people supported by the Congress party. Our Prime Minister and Home Minister have repeatedly clarified that the MSP will remain. Our objective is to dismiss the concept of middlemen in the agriculture sector,” Jaiswal said.

“People of the country have great faith in the leadership quality of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, but some individual families like the ‘Fake Gandhi family’ and Lalu Prasad’s family in Bihar are unable to digest the NDA is in power. Hence, they are trying to destabilise the government. I want to bring into their notice that they do not test our patience,” Jaiswal said.

“It is a warning for those parties and leaders to avoid politicking while sitting behind farmers. We will not allow conspiracy against the country to take place. We will use Chanakya’s strategy of ‘Saam, Daam, Dand, Bhed’ to save the country,” Jaiswal said.


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