Bisleri Packet Water Brand : Bisleri’s new campaign draws teachers’ ire on social media

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By Archana Sharma

Jaipur, April 28 : Bisleri has recently rolled out its new campaign “Samajhdaar Bisleri Peete Hai” which is not going down well with the teachers community of Rajasthan and Gujarat, who are openly criticising the campaign with a hashtag #BoycottBisleri, accusing the company of insulting the teachers with this ad.

While the company shows a teacher and a camel aiming at reinforcing consumers’ trust and raise awareness about the difference between the original Bisleri and counterfeit alternatives in the market, the teachers on social media are pouring their heart out alleging that such advertisements are not acceptable as they degrade the nobility of their profession.

The TVC features Bisleri’s Baadal (a camel) along with his thirsty teacher rider. At a shop, the shopkeeper hands him a local brand of bottled water despite him asking for Bisleri.

As the rider is about to drink the water, Baadal quickly intervenes and points out that what he is consuming may not be safe and directs him to a shop which sells the original Bisleri. The camel then declares, “Samajhdaar Bisleri Peete Hai”, embarrassing his rider.

Darshan Menaria, president, RSTA from Udaipur, in his tweet said, “We the teachers of India condemn Bisleri for its disgraceful comments about teachers… The preceptor #ShameonyouBisleri #BoycottBisleri.”

Reena Yadav, another Twitter user who introduces herself as a lecturer-teacher-writer-poetess and nature lover, said, “This is not acceptable. This ad is disgusting and disrespectful for teachers. Don’t degrade the nobility of this profession.”

She also used the hashtags #WithdrawBislerycamelschoolad, #boycottbisleriindia, #boycottbisleri.

Another Twitter user said, “I strongly oppose, condemn. Camels have special significance in Rajasthan in itself.”

“In such a way, the teacher is presented in front of a camel to degrade Indian culture by showing a negative mentality. The teacher is an environmental lover and nature worshipper,” he said using the hashtag #BoycottBisleri.

There is no let up in the messages as another social media user said, “The current advertisement is totally against the teachers and educational system the company must apologise to the teachers fraternity and withdraw the advertisement.”


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