BJP : 80 crore beneficiaries to get free food grains till March

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Patna, Nov 25 : BJP state vice president Rajeev Ranjan today said that for benefit of the poor people the Prime Minister has sanctioned to extend the PM poor food grain scheme till March 2022 under which 80 crore people will be getting free food grain till March next year.

Mr Ranjan said that the Prime Minister since beginning was striving for the welfare of the poor people and is sensitive towards the class.

He said the ration card holders will get 5 kg wheat and rice free of cost under the decision taken by the Prime Minister .

Mr Ranjan said that 4th phase of the scheme was being executed for which the centre has sanctioned 600 lakk tonne foodgrains to the states and union territories and now under the 5th phase of the scheme 163 lakh tonne foodgrains were expected to be consumed.

He said that in the fourth phase Rs 2.07 lakh crore were spent which is expected to increase to Rs 2.60 lakh crore in 5th Phase.

Mr Ranjan said that the scheme initiated in April 2020 for 3 months to provide relief during covid-19 pandemic had been extended several times.


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