BJP : Central schemes cannot be turned into scams

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Shillong, Oct 22 : The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), an ally in the ruling Meghalaya Democratic Alliance (MDA) government on Friday said that central schemes cannot be turned into scams and beneficiaries should not be deprived at any cost.

In a statement issued here, State BJP vice president Benard N. Marak said that the State party leaders who are campaigning for party candidate Kingstone B. Marak, who is contesting the

October 30 assembly bye-poll from Rajabala constituency, has received hordes of complaints

from people over non-implementation of the Central schemes.

“Most of the schemes meant for the people were turned into scams in most areas. Schemes like

Jal Jeevan Mission (JJM) which was supposed to connect every household with proper water

supply were not completed and many families were left out of the scheme,” Marak said, adding that construction of low cost houses (PMAY), household latrines (IHHL), ration, old-age pensions, zero balance accounts, widow schemes, flood relief, housing assistance schemes, SRWP etc., are all in

a “mess”.

“Everywhere BJP campaigned, people complained about scams and non-availability of the schemes. The job card holders complained about not getting 100 days’ work allotment and their wages being deducted after delayed payments. Above that, threats from the political appointees in the blocks were

a huge disappointment to most. Low maintenance of roads, power supply and mobile networks added to the grievances of the people,” he said.

Stating that the BJP have noted it seriously and considered it as a challenge to take up the matter

with the concerned authorities, the BJP vice president said, “Such scams cannot be tolerated in implementation of the centrally sponsored schemes. These schemes cannot be turned into scams

and beneficiaries should not be deprived at any cost.”

“BJP is here to end corruption and to bring about good governance to the people of the State, irrespective of race or political affiliations. The power to choose a right leader is in the hands of the people, therefore people should choose wisely,” he said.


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