BJP, Congress to fight neck to neck in Hamirpur PRI elections

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Hamirpur (HP), Jan 14 : With 48 hours left for the holding of first phase election of the Panchayati raj institutions in the district, the leaders and activists of the BJP and the Congress party have plunged into the race to show to their masters that they also wield much hold in the masses.

However, their efforts have not yielded any positive results so far.

The elections for the PRI’s will be held on January 17th, 19th and 21st in three phases in the district along with other parts of the state.

The main fight is for the eighteen seats of the Zila parisahd where two major parties have fielded their own candidates.

The BJP is facing a major fight in Badsar revenue sub division where there are four Zila parishad seats. Both groups of the party, one led by the district BJP chief, Baldev Sharma and another by Vinod Thakur, the official spokesman of the state BJP have fielded their own candidates and they are fighting with each other thereby giving a clear-cut benefit to the candidates of the Congress party. However, the Congress party is also divided in the area and here too, their rebels have also come into the fray thereby keeping all in the guess.

In Dhirar Zila parishad ward of the Bhoranj area in the district, the general secretary of the district BJP, Abhayveer Singh Labli, a close pal of the former Chief Minister, P K Dhumal is also facing a party rebel who is also the sitting Zila parishad member from another seat.

Same is the case of the block samiti seats where both parties are facing the odds of their rebels and thereby cutting into the votes of their own party candidates.

A visit to various parts of the district shows that the people there are taking keen interest in the electioneering despite the fact that they are not giving their minds to the contestants and their supporters both.

At Bhoranj, Rakesh Kumar, a Youngman who will be the first time voters this time said that he would vote for the persons who would work for the welfare of the people and give assurance that he would not indulge in groupism and nepotism.

Meena Thakur of Bhareri said that it was a matter of pride for the women folk that they were contesting fifty percent of the total seats in the PRI elections and were bound for women based panchayats.

It’s worth mentioning here that in the newly elected gram panchayats there will be 126 women pradhans, 126 up-pradhans, 838 ward members, three chairpersons of the block samitis and nine members of Zila parishad.

With the climate becoming clear after last week rains despite foggy conditions coupled with sharp chilly winds sweeping across the region these days, the candidates and their supporters have plunged into the final round of the battle to seek maximum support of the people to win the elections as the next elections will be held only after five years and no one knows what will be the fate of the democratic institutions at that time.

However, political pundits of the area feel that a neck and neck race is going to take place in the ongoing contests but the BJP is having the edge due to the reasons that their governments are in power in the center and state both at present.


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