BJP counter attacks NCP over cruise ship case

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Mumbai, Oct 9 : BJP’s leader of opposition in the legislative council Pravind Darekar said on Saturday that if Mr Mallik has any information about the cruise ship drug case, he should provide it to the NCB for further investigation.

He said that Mr Mallik is angry at the NCB only because they had arrested his son-in-law in the drug case, earlier.

Reacting to the allegations made by Mr Mallik who is affiliated to the NCP, Mr Darekar said that Rishabh Sachdev, is the brother-in-law of former BJP Yuva president Mohit Komboj, is yet to be proven.

He accused Mr Mallik of making these statements just to create sensation. Case is pending in court, he should allow the agency to do its work, just by creating some noise, nothing is going to be happen.


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