BJP : Don’t fall into Telangana CM’s trap

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Hyderabad, Aug 9 : BJP Telangana Unit Chief Spokesperson K.Krishna Saagar Rao on Monday alerted people of the state to not fall into the electoral trap of Chief Minister K.Chandrashekar Rao.

In a statement here, Mr Rao alleged that the Chief Minister is a political opportunist and he is addicted to the chronic habit of bribing voters unscrupulously, using hard earned tax-payers money, from the state exchequer.

What he (CM) is intending to do with Dalit Bandhu is just that, he alleged and said Mr Chandrashekar Rao has zero sincerity and interest in Dalit welfare.

If he was sincere about Dalit welfare and empowerment, why did he not deliver the promise of 3 acres of land, 2 bedroom homes, one lakh jobs and free KG to PG education all these years, the BJP leader questioned.

Mr Chandrashekar Rao didn’t deliver even a single promise from his printed election manifesto since 2014 and who will trust his electoral rhetoric now, Mr Rao said.
BJP is quite certain that he (CM) is just dangling a carrot to the electorate for temporary electoral gains, and his government is in no position to deliver Dalit Bandhu, with visibly bankrupt state finances, he asserted.

The TRS government has been unable to even pay salaries of the state government employees in time, for several months, Mr Saagar added.


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