BJP India : Rahul Gandhi, Congress try to derail fight against Covid

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New Delhi, June 22 : The BJP on Tuesday said that whenever there is a turning point in the battle against the pandemic, Rahul Gandhi and Congress party try to derail this fight against the Covid. Patra was replying to the Rahul Gandhi’s press conference earlier in the day.

Addressing a press conference, BJP national spokesperson Dr Sambit Patra hit back, saying, “Whenever there is a turning point in the battle against Covid, Rahul Gandhi and the Congress party have tried their best to do politics. They tried to derail this fight against Covid.”

Earlier in the day addressing a virtual press conference, Congress leader Gandhi said, “If you think the second wave was bad, then the third wave is going to be worse. So focus should be on vaccination and we should ensure that virus should not be given space to regenerate.”

Gandhi also said that the Covid death numbers could be five to six times higher in India, but the focus should be on vaccination, as the second wave was bad, the third wave could be worse.

“Whenever something good happens in the country and it performs well, somewhere the Congressmen get annoyed about it. Rahul Gandhi held a press conference and put a question mark on that whole subject,” Patra said.

He pointed out that on Monday India became the only country in the whole world which vaccinated about 87 lakh people in a single day.

Releasing a white paper of Congress party on the Centre’s Covid management, Rahul Gandhi said, “The idea behind our White Paper report on #COVID19 is to provide insights & information so that avoidable deaths can be prevented in the coming waves.”

Referring to the white paper, Dr Patra said that Rahul Gandhi was trying to create hindrance by talking about a white paper by holding a press conference in the morning. “I want to tell Rahul Gandhi that the second wave of corona has started from Congress ruled states. The second wave of Corona had the most impact and the maximum number of corona cases occurred in Congress-ruled states,” Patra rebutted.

Patra also claimed that the maximum deaths in the second wave of Covid were reported from Congress ruled states.


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