BJP Jharkhand : Jharkhand government should ensure 100 per cent food grains distribution

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Ranchi, Apr 27 : State BJP Chief and Rajya Sabha MP Deepak Prakash has demanded the Jharkhand Government to ensure 100 per cent distribution of food grains being received from the centre under Pradhanmantri Gariba Kalyan Yojana for the months of May and June.

He said that the centre has made provisions of the food grains however it remains to be seen as to whether the ration for the poor would actually reach to them or the failure of the state government will again ensure that people do not get the food grains. He said that previous year instead of serving the poor the state government remained busy publishing fake data in the newspapers.

Deepak Prakash alleged that previous year gross irregularities were committed in distribution of the food grains due to the failure of the administration however this year the government should ensure 100 percent distribution to provide relief to the poor.


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