BJP MLA files plea to include Kayasthas in OBC list

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Lucknow, Aug 12 : The Uttar Pradesh State Commission for Backward Classes will soon take up a plea to include the Kayastha community in the OBC list.

According to Commission sources, the Kayastha community representation was earlier rejected as no one had further pursued the cause.

However, a fresh representation has been made by BJP MLA from Bareilly, Arun Singh, a Kayastha.

Various Kayastha organisations have been demanding adequate representation of people from their caste in ticket distribution, ministerial berths and even in party organisations.

Singh confirmed that he has sent a proposal to the Commission but refused to elaborate further.

The sources said that his plea, submitted on July 12, is for replacing Muslim Kayasthas with Hindu Kayasthas on the OBC list.

Muslim Kayasthas have been in the OBC list since 1955. They are at 77th position in the list of 79 castes with OBC status in Uttar Pradesh.

Muslim Kayasthas, the Commission sources said, are those who were originally Hindu Kayasthas but got converted to Islam.

The plea says that since their socio-economic condition is much better, they should be replaced by Hindu Kayasthas in the OBC category.

The Commission has taken cognisance of the MLA’s request, and added that his application would be taken up soon.

Commission Chairman Jaswant Singh Saini, said that the issue of the Kayastha community would be placed before the 28-member board, which would decide on the request.

After this, a survey of the community would be done, followed by a final hearing to entertain objections if any, he said.

“After this, the recommendation would be sent to the state government. A final decision would be taken by the government.”

Meanwhile, several members of the Kayastha community have strongly objected to the move to include them in the OBC list.

“The petition is downright demeaning for us. Kayasthas are an educated community and economically stable. The move is politically motivated and we will strongly oppose it,” said Professor H.K. Srivastava, a retired academician.

Shrilal Verma, a cultural activist, also echoed similar sentiments when he said that Kayasthas were certainly not socially, economically or educationally backward and the petition had been filed with ulterior motive.

At present there are 79 castes in the OBC list in Uttar Pradesh and the state government, according to the sources, isplanning to include 39 more.


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