BJP’s legal cell serves notice to Tripura CPI-M state secretary

Insight Online News /By Shivangi

Agartala, Feb 22 : The ruling BJP’s legal cell severed second notice to the state secretary of CPI-M in Tripura Jitendra Chowdhury in a week for his social media post allegedly libellous to the Speaker of the legislative assembly and MLAs of the state government.

Biswajit Deb, convener of the BJP’s legal cell, demanded an explanation from Chowdhury on Monday and threatened legal action. The notice reads, “You have made sacrilegious allegations against the High Office of Speaker of the Legislative Assembly and unspecified political leaders and Ministers of the state government.”

It stated that the allegations apart from being general and unspecific are prima facie aimed at defaming the Members and Leaders of the BJP party, its frontal organizations and the present cabinet headed by Biplab Kumar Deb.

According to the first notice served on Chowdhury last week, his ministers and MLAs of the ruling BJP in Tripura are charging 6-15 per cent commission on all development projects and contracts. However, Chowdhury later clarified that his statement was nothing but referred to the news items published in different media.

Recently, Chowdhury referred to a news item published in local media alleging that Speaker of Tripura assembly Ratan Chakraborty, Viswa Hindu Parishad’s state chief Chandrasekhar Kar and another leader of BJP had negotiated for selling a big plot of landfilling up a water body illegally to some Bangladeshi nationals and he sought clarification from the government, for which Chowdhury was served the second notice.

The notice further alleged, “…defaming the High Office of the Speaker of Legislative Assembly thereby also aiming at grossly misleading the general public of the State with extraneous consideration and also with a view to indulge enmity between and amongst various groups of people in the state to create disharmony and unrest.”

Under the notice, he was asked to take back the entire post and comments immediately, or else civil and criminal legal actions would be initiated against him. Meanwhile, Chowdhury denied the charges labelled on him and said in both the cases he had referred to the media reports, which were contradicted neither by the state government nor the person concerned and said, “I sought clarification on the allegations raised in the media from the party in power but, instead of clearing the doubt they are targeting me for saving their narrow political interest.”

“Ministers of our state, and the lawyers of BJP’s legal Cell, please watch those videos, explain it and reassure the people of the State that your ministers and leaders are not involved in those deals. Whether we fight or debate with advanced thoughts and ideologies in politics, why do we have to point fingers at all these allegations,” Chowdhury added.


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