Black Marketing : Delhi High Court warns Delhi govt over black marketing of oxygen

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New Delhi, April 27 : The Delhi High Court on Tuesday expressed its displeasure over black marketing of medical oxygen while hearing a petition on shortage of oxygen and treatment of Covid patients in the national capital.

The Court said people were forced to buy oxygen cylinders in the black market for lakhs of rupees while their original cost is only a few hundred rupees. The court said those persons indulging in black marketing of oxygen should be taken into police custody.

During the hearing, the High Court said if the Delhi government is unable to manage oxygen cylinders then they should tell the court for procuring them. The court will ask the Central government to take over the charge of managing oxygen.

The court issued contempt notices to the five oxygen refillers who were absent during the hearing on Tuesday. Delhi Chief Secretary Vijay Dev informed the court that he has requested all oxygen refillers to furnish details of the tankers supplying oxygen in Delhi following which the quota of oxygen will be allocated for three days.

Dev said the oxygen quota has not yet been issued and will be done through an order. This information will be presented to the court. If there is a complaint filed by the hospitals, a provision will be made to resolve it.

Senior advocate Rahul Mehra, representing the Delhi government, told the court that he would speak to the authorities and the oxygen supply would be ensured at Venkateshwar hospital in Delhi.

The court suggested that the Delhi government get information from all hospitals and pharmacies on the supply of Remdesivir and other medicines. The court suggested the appointment of accounting officials to the Delhi government. The court’s order came after it was told by the Delhi Heart and Lung Institute that they, too, were facing lack of oxygen and the nodal officials concerned were helpless.

The court told the Delhi government that it has the requisite powers to take action against those indulging in black marketing of oxygen.


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