Bollywood News : Maanvi Gagroo on how she became more comfortable with her body

Maanvi Gagroo on how she became more comfortable with her body

Mumbai, Nov 7 : Actress Maanvi Gagroo, who played one of the protagonists in the International Emmy-nominated show Four More Shots Please!, says that with time she has become more comfortable with her body and that in turn helped her in engaging in fashion evolution for herself.

Talking about body positivity, Maanvi said: “I never considered myself fat or ‘not attractive’ until I began working in the (film) industry. At the beginning of my career, many people told me how I am not skinny enough to play a lead actress or healthy enough to play a fat girl. You are in the middle so either put on weight or lose weight. I was always like, ‘this is who I am, normal girls look like this’. Why does it have to be about weight at all? Ater’s definition or description can’t be based on his or her physicality.”

However, she added how the web series “Four More Shots Please!” changed her wardrobe for the better.

“Post ‘Four More Shots Please!’ I have only worn shorts, because I used to feel conscious about my legs being bigger than other girls’. Those things happened very subconsciously. This was something that Anu Menon, the director of the season one, pointed out to me. After we finished shooting season one we had met one day for lunch and she said, ‘do you realise that you have started dressing up like Siddhi (Maanvi’s character in the show)’? I was like, ‘you are right’. I had not realised that at all until she pointed it out,” said the actress, who appeared in other web series like “Permanent Roommates” and “Made In Heaven”.

“Personally I became much more comfortable with my body. Although I was never uncomfortable with my body, I did have certain things like I would not wear shorts,” she reiterated.


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