Bollywood News Update : Parineeti Chopra, Anything sub-par won’t be accepted by audience today

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Mumbai, April 27 : Actress Parineeti Chopra feels the pandemic has changed the way people want to be entertained, and the films being made need to be in accordance to what people want to watch.

“The pandemic has changed the taste of the audience, and we have to respect what they are seeking,” she says.

The actress, who has “Animal” coming up with Anil Kapoor and Ranbir Kapoor, says that all actors need to take stock of the quality of cinema they are offering before signing films.

“Today is the age of content and anything that’s sub-par won’t be accepted by audiences, who have access to clutter-breaking content emerging from across the world. We actors and filmmakers have to keep this in mind,” she says.

“I have gravitated towards projects that have strong content because I realised that everyone around me, including me, was only watching films or shows that are landmark. So, why should anyone else see anything average,” she says.

She adds: “All my future projects including ‘Animal’ are strong subjects that are unique and fresh for audiences to see and love. I will be only looking out for scripts that only offer something new for people to enjoy.”


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