Bombs in Bhagalpur, dead cartridges in Patna unearthed

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Patna, Dec 14 : Live bombs continue to be discovered in Bihar’s Bhagalpur district. On Tuesday, two container bombs were detected in Saidpur village under Nathnagar police station.

This is the fourth incident in the last five days where live bombs have been detected in Bhagalpur district and on three occasions, they have been detected in the villages which fall under Nathnagar police station.

A minor boy died in Makhdum Shah Dargah lane under the Nathnagar police station on Monday when a bomb exploded. The police said that three children were playing in a vacant piece of land. The parents of two children called them back while the third child stayed there. He found a brand new tiffin box there. When he opened the box, it exploded killing the child.

The residents of Nathnagar and other areas of Bhagalpur are terrorised by the regular unearthing of bombs in the district.

In Patna, 129 dead cartridges were recovered from Postal & Telegraph colony on Tuesday.

They included 59 dead shells of a pistol, 30 of SLR and 35 of a rifle.

Sunil Kumar Singh, SHO of Kotwali police station, said that the dead cartridges were recovered by an employee of the Municipal Corporation of Patna. He was sanitising the area when he found dead cartridges under the clay.

“We are checking the CCTV footage of the area to identify those who left them there,” he said.

“Police suspect that they were probably used during celebratory firing in marriages,” the officer added.


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