Business News Update : AFCONS working to revamp its unmanned offshore platforms in Arabian Sea

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Mumbai, May 19 : AFCONS, together with its consortium partner Halani-Tes-Nauvata, has been working with the ONGC for the revamp of its unmanned offshore platforms in the Arabian Sea post Cyclone Tauktae.

The extremely severe cyclonic storm Tauktae, reported to be the most severe storm in the last five decades, caused damage to several vessels that were deployed in the Arabian Sea, including an accommodation barge ‘Papaa 305’ (P305).

In a statement, AFCONS said that the chartered barge P305 along with its marine crew was owned and operated by M/s Durmast Enterprises Limited. P305 had 261 persons on board when it sent out a distress call after experiencing water ingress and flooding on Monday.

P305 had a full complement of safety equipment including life jackets and life rafts for all persons on board.

“We believe all personnel safely evacuated before the vessel sank. Despite the extreme sea conditions, 182 members on board P305 been rescued so far by the Indian Navy and Coast Guard. An intensive search and rescue operation including helicopter search operations are ongoing to locate and rescue the missing personnel. All the crew of the other vessels affected by the Cyclone are safe and accounted for,” AFCONS said.

The AFCONS-led consortium is working closely with ONGC, Petroleum Ministry, Indian Navy, Coast Guard, and DG (Shipping) to coordinate the rescue efforts.

“We shall spare no effort to ensure that that the missing personnel who were aboard P305 are quickly located and rescued, and our thoughts and prayers are with their families in this very difficult time,” it said.

Earlier, ONGC had said in a statement said that it is taking all possible measures in coordination with ODAG (Offshore Defence Advisory Group) and MRCC (Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre) to ensure the safety of personnel and vessels.


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