‘Can NDA challenge ‘India’, asks Mamata Banerjee

Bengaluru, July 18 : West Bengal Chief Minister and Trinamool Congress Chief Mamata Banerjee on Tuesday dared the BJP to challenge the opposition bloc which has been named as Indian National Development Inclusive Alliance (India) and said that today she has imposed Section 420 against the BJP.

“The real challenge starts from today,” Mamata Banerjee told media persons.

She said that the alliance of 26 parties, it was decided India and earlier it was UPA and there was NDA and that has no existence.

“Therefore the coming days where the lives of Hindus, Dalits, minorities, farmers, in Bengal, and Manipur — are under threat from the BJP. Buying and selling government is the only job with the government. Today we have taken a real challenge. NDA can you challenge India? BJP can you challenge India? We love our motherland, we love our country, we are patriotic people, we are for youths, for Dalits, for good economy, for the country and for the world,” she said.

She also said that from today onwards the opposition will work under the banner of India.

“If anybody has challenge… catch us if you can,” she said, adding that to save India from disaster.

“To save India. BJP… is trying to sell the country. They are trying to buy democracy, for that they don’t allow any agency to work independently, and if anyone does not support them, the next day they send agencies.

“And they keep on saying we will threaten with 355 and 356 and today we have imposed Section 420 on them and in this, India will win and our country will win,” she said.

Kharge on Tuesday announced that the alliance of opposition parties will be called Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance (INDIA) and a secretariat will be set up in Delhi for poll campaign management.

He also announced an 11-member coordination committee and the names of the members will be discussed at the Mumbai meeting.

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