Canada’s COVID-19 cases continue to surge before school reopening

OTTAWA, Aug 31 (Xinhua) There have been 127,673 cases of COVID-19 in Canada, including 9,113 deaths, according to the Public Health Agency of Canada on Sunday.
With an almost 13 percent increase in the average daily case count to 425 cases being reported across Canada daily over the past week, the agency said it is keeping a very watchful eye for any increases in COVID-19 severity, such as increased hospitalizations, critical care admissions and deaths. Nationally, these indicators remain low having leveled off following a sharp and steady decline after mid-May.
“Considering the many weeks of increased disease activity in younger individuals, including almost 50 percent of reported cases occurring among young adults aged 20 to 39 years in recent weeks, there is a very real possibility of the virus reaching higher-risk individuals, populations and settings. As well, with mild and asymptomatic infection occurring more often in younger individuals, it is possible to spread the virus without realizing,” said Theresa Tam, Canada’s chief public health officer in a statement on Friday.
In the past two weeks, all of Canada’s five most populous provinces — Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, Alberta, and Manitoba — have all set or come close to new daily records for the highest number of new COVID-19 cases reported in each province.
Canada’s total number of new COVID-19 cases moved past the 5,000 mark for the first time in nearly three weeks, according to CTV News records.
Coronavirus activity is expected to ramp up in Canada as summer gives way to fall and the weather cools, driving Canadians indoors where it is easier for the virus to spread.
There are fears that this could be exacerbated by the return of children to classrooms, which is already underway in some parts of the country and will have taken place at most schools within two weeks.
Already in Quebec, approximately 20 teachers have been ordered to isolate after two educators at one high school tested positive for COVID-19.
The tests occurred on a preparation day before students were allowed in.
Another fear is what will happen when COVID-19 overlaps with the traditional winter influenza season. Because the diseases caused by the two viruses present similarly, it is possible that flu symptoms could be enough for quarantines to be ordered or schools to be shut down for fear of an outbreak.

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