Cardinal Thelesphore 82nd birthday : Archdiocese of Ranchi celebrates by giving blankets to the Poor

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Ranchi, 15 Oct. 21 ; His Eminence Telesphore P. Cardinal Toppo, celebrated his birthday on October 15. The Archdiocese of Ranchi organized Blankets distribution to mark the day under leadership of Archbishop Felix Toppo and Bishop Theodore Mascarenhas. It was a gesture of thankfulness and gratitude to Cardinal for his selfless service to the Archdiocese of Ranchi and Church in Chotanagpur.

A distribution of 200 blankets were held in three centres – Makunda, Kurkara and Bobro village comprises of people from 8 villages – Makunda, Kurkara, Bobro, Kotpali, Bajra, Khardevri Patra Toli, Mandro and Bakhar.

While Archbishop Felix Toppo could not participate in the distribution due to previous commitment, Bishop Theodore led the team of Fr. Sushil Toppo, Fr. Ashit Toppo, Mr. Kuldeep Tirkey, Louis Bara, Xavier Lakra, Nicholas and Suman Bilung. Bishop Theodore speaking at different distribution centres told people that the first thousand blankets have been gifted by St. Martin Parish Tussenhausen, Germany.

He further said that this noble deed could take place only because of the generosity of the people of St. Martin Parish, Germany who thought of you and wanted to help you. Many old and poor people benefited from this charity and expressed joy and happiness and asked the Bishops to convey their gratitude to the benefactors. Mr. Kuldeep Tirkey while speaking to the people asked them to pray for the benefactors and their families.

Fr. Binay Kerketta and local community members Sr. Manish Tirkey, Sushil Minj, Puja Minj Pratima Bara and Anil Minj helped in organizing and distributions at these centres.

Later, in the evening, Archbishop Felix Toppo and Bishop Theodore Mascarenhas led the Fathers from Archbishop house to wish Cardinal Toppo on his birthday. The group comprising of Frs. Sushil, Tobias, Ashit, Eustas, Senbastian and Anil sang birthday songs for Cardinal and prayed with him. A symbolic distribution of ten blankets was done to the poor through the hands of Cardinal Telesphore Toppo.

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