Cast your vote to elect govt of your choice, Rahul to Bihar voters

New Delhi, Nov 3 : Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday urged the voters of Bihar to cast their vote in the second phase of the Assembly polls and elect a new government of their choice.

Taking to twitter this morning, Mr Gandhi said, ‘It is time for the second phase of voting across several districts of Bihar. Do cast your vote for sure so the new government that comes is of your choice.’

Informing about his visit to Kodh and Kishanganj in Bihar, he further tweeted, ‘To meet you all I am coming to Kodha and Kishanganj’.

‘Issues like unemployment, weak economy, farmer’s crisis and more such issues will be discussed,’ his tweet added.

In the second of Bihar polls, voting is underway for the 94 seats across 17 districts on Tuesday.


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