Chavan ask central govt to show readiness for OBC reservation in state

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Aurangabad, Dec 22 : Minister of State for Public Works and Chairman of the Cabinet Sub-Committee on Maratha Reservation Ashok Chavan has asked why the readiness shown by the central government after the postponement of political reservation of OBCs in Madhya Pradesh was not reflected in the reservation of Marathas and OBCs in Maharashtra.

In his press statement issued from MPCC office last night in Mumbai Mr Chavan stated that, following the Supreme Court’s decision on the political reservation of OBCs in Madhya Pradesh, it has come to light that the central government has taken immediate steps to challenge it.

Reacting to this, Chavan said that if the Center is taking initiative to give justice to OBCs, it is welcome. It has been reported that the Center will challenge the 2010 Krishnamurti verdict in the Supreme Court, which has imposed a ‘triple test’ condition for OBCs’ political reservation.

The recent petition filed by the Mahavikas Aghadi government for political reservation of OBCs in Maharashtra was hit by this Krishnamurti case.

However, Me Chavan alleged that the state government in Maharashtra was silent on the petition, did not provide imperical data, did nothing to help OBCs in Maharashtra after the petition was rejected and was ready to challenge the Krishnamurti verdict directly after the Madhya Pradesh petition was rejected.

The same damage of the Center was also seen in the Maratha reservation case. We demanded that the Central Government should approach the Supreme Court to relax the condition of 50 per cent in the Indra Sahni judgment, he added.


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