Chile immunises 80% of target population against Covid

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Santiago, July 31 : Chile has fully vaccinated 80 per cent of the target population against Covid-19, Health Minister Enrique Paris announced.

“We have reached 80 per cent of the target population with a complete vaccination scheme… We congratulate Chileans because this is everyone’s achievement,” the official told the media.

So far, 24,750,738 vaccine doses have been administered in the South American country.

“We must continue with the vaccination process, the vaccines will continue to arrive,” he said, adding that everyone needs to “always maintain self-care measures”.

The target population defined by the Chilean government is 15.2 million people, with 86 per cent having received single and first doses while 80 per cent having been fully vaccinated.

To date, Chile has registered a total od 1,614,629 Covid-19 cases and 35,366 deaths.


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