‘China fears US-Quad axis invasion if PLA attacks India at LAC’

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Bengaluru, Oct 13 : Noted defence analyst Cmdr G.J. Singh Master Mariner on Wednesday said China will not do the mistake of opening a front against India anytime soon as they fear the Western and fringe nations around South China Sea will launch a naval attack against them to split their focus at the Line of Actual Control (LAC) and indirectly help India.

“I don’t think China will open a front against India at this point of time because the Chinese fear that the US, Quad and fringe nations around South China Sea, will launch a naval attack on them to split PLA’s focus on LAC and give India a military advantage,” Singh told UNI in an interview amid reports of India-China military talks collapsing.

However, these nations, including the US and Quad will not set their foot on the LAC to support Indian troops to take on the People’s Liberation Army if China attacks India because Delhi has no agreement with them, Singh said.

In the meantime, before China goes for war against India, Delhi should augment permanent infrastructure, arms and ammunition as PLA is doing at the LAC, he said.

India also should be highly vigilant along the LAC because the Communist China is the most untrustworthy country on the planet, Singh said.

The permanent infrastructure that China is building up at the LAC does not indicate that the Dragon nation is for a peaceful solution, but has long-standing plans of seizing Indian territory, he said.

This also was reflected in General M.M. Naravane’s statement that the military buildup by China in the eastern Ladakh region and new infrastructure development along LAC are matters of concern, Singh said.

India should also be cautious about its perception among Chinese Tibetans because nobody knows whether they are as conservative and anti-China as Tibetans living in exile are, he said.

According to media reports, Singh said China is giving military-style training to Tibetan children between 8 to 16 years old to probably recruit them into the regular PLA in future.

These Tibetan children are taken to Tibetan Monks after completion of their training for their blessings, which could be a new strategy of the PLA to get some religious mileage from the newly recruited Tibetans in the Special Tibetan Army Unit (STAU), he said. STAU is raised purely of troops from Tibetan ethnicity by the PLA, he added.


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