CM mandates yoga for Delhi Covid patients

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New Delhi, Jan 11 : Delhi government will start special online yoga classes for Covid-19 patients who are under home isolation, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal announced on Tuesday.

“Starting tomorrow, Covid patients under home isolation will be facilitated with online yoga classes so that they improve their immunity and their recovery from the viral illness is expedited,” he said.

In a digital address, Kejriwal, who himself is recovering from Covid, informed that eight classes of an hour each would be conducted everyday. The link of these online classes will be shared with the patients.

“Everyday, eight classes from morning 6-11 am and then 4-7 pm in the evening would be conducted. A link will be shared with the patients to register the classes as per their suitability,” he said.

“A large team of yoga instructors has been formed. They will impart yoga lessons to 40,000 patients at a time,” Kejriwal said.

Each class will have an instructor and 15 participants so that all patients can receive equal attention.


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