Congress : BJP govt holding political campaigns in govt function

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Imphal, Dec 3 : N. Loken, President, Congress, Manipur today said the government was carrying out election campaigns in government functions like Go to the village.

He said the government had been organizing functions to carry out political campaigns while addressing the media at Congress Bhawan. The term of the present government expires in March and an election is expected early next year.

He further said Chief Minister N Biren asked people to vote for BJP if they want peace. The statement was unfortunate, he added. Former Union Minister and AICC Observer, Bhakta Charan Das said such a statement from a Chief Minister that people will face unrest if they don’t vote for BJP was not expected. The CM was indirectly threatening the people and his statement was unconstitutional, he said.

The Chief Minister should amend his words, Charan Das demanded. He said the CM was taking the people of Manipur for granted. Biren should respect the position he was holding, he said. The Congress party objects to such kind of statement, he said. The BJP should not teach
about peace, he said.

He reminded me of the violence, massacres after the BJP government came into power. He further reminded that the BJP did not have the mandate to form the government in Manipur and using violent means that were unconstitutional government was formed. BJP has no right to advocate peace, he added.

There were two MPs in the 90s and the violent yatras organized by it resulted in so many killings, curfew had to be imposed in 53 cities.

Division of people took place and people have not forgotten the Godhra incident he said. There is no support for livelihood, unemployment problem is rampant and now Go to village programme had been taken up after forgetting the villagers for more than four years he said.

What were the government doing for such a long time and the programmes and schemes were not implemented by the government for such a long time? Government should work in a humanitarian manner and it should treat people with folded hands not by threatening them he added.

Congress stands for non-violence as laid down by the Father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi he said.


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