Congress : BJP govt should focus on resolving public problems, rather than weeping on defeat

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Hamirpur (HP), Nov 8 : Congress asked the Himachal Pradesh government to focus their time and energy towards solving the people’s genuine problems rather than shedding crocodile tears following the defeat in the recently held by-elections in the state.

Deepak Sharma, the senior spokesman of the party, said today that the BJP was still in a comma after the defeat as a result all sorts of works had come to a near standstill.

“The time has come to end this sad situation and work for the wellbeing of the masses who had voted them to the power four years ago. And if it is not possible, the Chief Minister, Jai Ram Thakur, and his team should dissolve the assembly and hold midterm elections in the state,” the Congress party leader added.
Sharma said that the public was in trouble. “The system of the public distribution is broken. Farmers want relief from expensive seeds. They are waiting for the hourly rate for tractor sowing. We are waiting to get relief from this. The employees are in a state of despair. The government will have to think about resolving all these dire situations. But it is the misfortune of the state that the government is not serious about the problems of the people,” he further said.

He said that the BJP leaders were wasting their time to save their chairs by rushing to meet their leaders in New Delhi.
He demanded a reduction in prices of various sorts of essential commodities on the analogy of petrol and diesel thereby providing relief to the common man.

Sharma said that the unemployment issue was to be tackled on a war footing and about 4,500 such people are sitting on dharna for the last 100 days hoping for jobs on compassionate grounds but the government has not paid any attention to it. “This was an intolerable and insensitive issue,” he added.


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