Congress comes out with ‘GujRight’ in municipal polls

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Gandhinagar, Feb 11 : The Gujarat Congress unit on Thursday came out with a ‘PledgePaper’, in which it pledged to provide rights to the citizens which they have been devoid of under the BJP regime over the years, through a card system called ‘GujRight’.

Talking about the campaign, Amit Chavda, the Gujarat Pradesh Congress Committee (GPCC) president, said, “We carried out ‘Hello Gujarat’ campaign some time ago which was well-received by the people of the state. Based on the feedback of that campaign, we have prepared a 10-point ‘PledgePaper’, where instead of coming out with false promises like the BJP, we will be taking a pledge to provide the urban citizens the rightful basic needs. In this PledgePaper, we pledge to provide free water, better roads, better tax structure, quality education, housing, health, public transport, employment and better administration.”

“The Congress will do a revamp of the Gujarat state, through ‘GujRight’. Under this initiative, the citizens will be provided a card through which they can avail basic services, facilities and schemes for free. We will be providing free water to those who are active in conservation of water and people promoting environmental conservation efforts will be encouraged. The public will be provided clean and free public toilets. We will be rationalizing the Bus Rapid Transport System (BRTS),” added Chavda.

“We will be providing scientifically designed service corridors on both sides of the roads in newly developing areas,” added Chavda.

The Congress also announced a new initiative for the growing cattle menace in the urban areas. “With the cooperation of the people and through a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) we want to set up a ‘Gaushala Maintenance Fund’ to take care of the unproductive cows, to reduce the cattle menace in the urban public places in cities,” said Paresh Dhanani, the Leader of Opposition in the assembly.


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