Congress : Fearing defeat, BJP ran away from bye- election

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Hamirpur (HP), Sep 5 : Congress senior spokesperson Deepak Sharma said today that fearing their complete rout in the four by-elections in the state, including Mandi Lok Sabha seat, the government postponed the elections.

Sharma, in a statement, said today that the chair of the Chief Minister was in danger and that was why he manipulated a game to postpone the elections.

He said that the government knew that these by-elections were going to be against them as the people were upset with the anti-people policies of the BJP and the state government. Hence, the elections were postponed.

Sharma said that the Chief Minister may feel relief for a while due to the postponement of elections, but this period will not last long. Time will again come and the BJP would lose the elections and the Congress party to become victorious with the help and blessings of the people of the state.


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