Congress : Inflation rises to record high

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Shimla, Oct 7 : Rising inflation touched new record , petrol prices in Himachal Pradesh crossed a hundred, while LPG cylinders also increased by about Rs 200 in the last eight months, said District Shimla Rural Congress President Yashwant Chhajta.

He said at the beginning of the festival season, the double engine government instead of giving gifts to the general public has started the work of robbing them in their pockets.

Mr Chhajta said while the people of the country and the state are already suffering due to the pandemic like Corona and millions of people’s jobs have been snatched away, the BJP government at the Centre and the state has left no stone unturned to establish new record of rising inflation.

He said today petrol has crossed Rs 100 in the state, domestic KPG cylinder has reached Rs 1001.75 and diesel prices are also going to hit hundreds in a few days.

Mr Chhajta said the BJP should remember the days when the UPA was in power in Delhi, the NDA sitting in the opposition created a ruckus in the entire country by wearing a garland of onions and lifting LPG cylinders on their head.

He said why today Modi and Jai Ram government are silent on the issue of rising inflation.

Mr Chhajta said where did those promises of ‘achche din’ go, he said why is the BJP sitting silent about the rising inflation, the public wants to know what is the answer of Modi and Jai Ram government regarding the rising inflation.
Privatisation would not lead to the development of the country, but the Congress has made an important contribution in taking the country to the top from independence till today.

The people of the country would never forgive BJP as it was selling all national assets.


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