Congress Update : It was to cover-up bad governance that incident of woman being set ablaze in Bihar was suppressed

New Delhi, Nov 17 : Attacking the government over suppressing the incident of a woman being set ablaze in Bihar’s Vaishali district, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday claimed that an “inhuman” act was allegedly kept under wraps for electoral gains in the Assembly polls.

“Whose crime is more dangerous? Who did this inhuman act? or Who hid it for electoral gains so as to lay the foundation of his false ‘Sushashan’ (good governance) on this misrule?” the Congress leader tweeted in Hindi while sharing a media report about a girl from Vaishali district who died allegedly due to the carelessness of the administration.

Mr Gandhi said that the incident took place during the Bihar polls, and it was only to cover-up and to go ahead with the “good governance campaign” to misguide the voters that the government maintained silence over the issue.

The news report with Hajipur dateline that Mr Gandhi shared said that it was to prevent the poll atmosphere from getting affected that the police allegedly suppressed the matter.


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