Congress Update : Policy paralysed govt can’t secure victory over coronavirus, Rahul

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New Delhi, May 3 : Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Monday attacked the Modi government, saying a policy paralysed government cannot secure victory over the virus.

The Wayanad MP tweeted , ‘A policy paralysed GOI cannot secure victory over the virus. Face it. Don’t fake it.’

Earlier, on April 28 too, the Gandhi scion had criticised the Modi government, saying a large amount of public money was given to companies manufacturing coronavirus vaccines and now the same vaccine is sold to them at higher prices.

‘People’s money was given to vaccine companies to develop Covid vaccines. Now, GOI will make same people pay the highest price in the world for these vaccines. Once again, the failed ‘system’ fails our citizens for Modi-mitrs’ profit,’ former Congress president had tweeted.


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