Congress Update : Rahul Gandhi shall take over as Congress president for the country’s betterment: Kishore Jha

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By Madhu Mishra

Patna: Senior leader of Bihar Congress Kishore Kumar Jha said that Rahul Gandhi should take over as the Congress president and lead the party in Lok Sabha in the larger interest of the country.

“He is the only leader in the country, who has been questioning the government over its apathy towards’ the issue of people’s welfare, deteriorating state of economy, thorough mismanagement of Covid pandemic and the government’s bid to hide the scale of mortality owing to absence of adequate medicare,” said Jha, who has served the party for the past 35 years as a loyalist in Bihar.

The senior Congress leader argued that people were seething with anger over the skyrocketing prices of essential commodities and ever burgeoning cost of petrol and diesel, which have cascading impact on everyone’s kitchen. “The BJP-led Narendra Modi government, which came in power with a promise to provide jobs to 2 crore youths every year, has been forcing the government departments to lay off and do away with crucial posts. Private sectors have retrenched a large number of youths from job, citing the negative impact of the pandemic,” said Jha.

With the parties in opposition mostly remaining preoccupied with resolving the internal issues of the organization, he is Rahul Gandhi who has been raising the concerns of the common people without caring for a campaign going on by the leaders of BJP and its affiliated organization to assassinate his character. “Rahul Gandhi is one of the most qualified, most read politicians in the country,” asserted Jha.

Once a close confidante of former Bihar chief minister Jagannath Mishra, Jha believed that none in the opposition would have questioned Rahul Gandhi’s capabilities had taken any post in the government in 2009, when the Congress was in majority and its leaders wanted him to see as the Prime Minister. “Rahul Gandhi is among the very few leaders who really feel the pain of the poor and help the country tide over the myriad crises,” said Jha.

Jha argued that Rahul Gandhi should be given the credit to rejuvenate the Congress in Gujarat. “The Congress had almost won Gujarat in the last assembly elections. But the BJP employed all tricks to tamper with the mandate. The BJP had engaged more than 200 Central ministers, MPs and others, besides Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while Rahul Gandhi was alone to counter them all. People of this country trust Rahul Gandhi more than any other leaders in the country,” said Jha, adding that inordinate delays in the decision making process often make the party vulnerable to the opponents.

The Congress leader from Bihar said that the Congress high command shall be ready to take some harsh decisions to rebuild the organization. “Nobody is above the party. And workers’ efforts must be acknowledged, as they form the backbone of the organization. The AICC top brasses must listen to the party workers and take appropriate decisions to infuse a fresh lease of life in the organization. The tradition of excessive dependence on the party in-charge for policy matters of any state unit must be discontinued, and views of senior leaders shall also be considered in case of change in the organization,” argued Jha.

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