Corona Vaccine : Pfizer applies for Covid vaccine approval in Japan

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Tokyo, Dec 18 : US pharmaceutical giant Pfizer on Friday applied for approval for the use of its Coronavirus vaccine in Japan, local media reported.

According to NHK broadcaster, the company is seeking fast-track approval that requires much simpler steps than conventional review.

Japan has a contract with the US company for 120 million doses of the two-component vaccine, which is enough to immunize 60 million people, or a half of its population. The rollout could reportedly begin as early as March.

In mid-November, Pfizer announced that its COVID-19 candidate vaccine, developed jointly with German company BioNTech, concluded phase 3 clinical trials, with a declared efficacy level of 95 percent.

However, the vaccine comes with a significant logistical disadvantage, as its storage and transportation conditions require as cold of an environment as -70 degrees Celsius.

The vaccine is already rolling out across the United States and United Kingdom.


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