Covid tax on liquor lifted

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Puducherry, Apr 8 :Puducherry Excise Department has lifted the Covid Tax imposed on liquor with effect from Thursday.

Deputy Commissioner (Excise) T Sudhakar in a notification said that Lt.Governor Tamilsai Soundararajan had accorded permission to this effect.

Liquor will be sold here with the rate before the outbreak of COVID Pandemic hereafter.
It may be noted that following COVID outbreak, lockdown was clamped in Puducherry in March 2020 and all shops and other business establishments were closed.

On May 24, liquor shops were open and sales started with a Covid tax which brought the price at par with that of Tamil Nadu to prevent people from other states coming to Puducherry to consume or procure liquor.

The COVID tax on liquor during the past ten 10 months had been extended thrice.


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