CPI(M) & Cong hold meet on seat sharing modalities in Tripura poll

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Agartala, Jan 14 : Two rivals CPI(M) and Congress have announced to fight the Tripura assembly elections together and held their first meeting to finalise seat-sharing modalities for the poll slated for next month.

CPI(M) State Secretary Jitendra Chowdhury and AICC Observer senior Congress leader Dr Ajoy Kumar represented their respective parties in the meeting along with other senior leaders of both parties including Left Front convener Narayan Kar.

The leaders termed the meeting ‘fruitful’ and a step toward ‘achieving the mission’.
Chowdhury said CPI(M) is ready to go with any party other than BJP to defeat the saffron brigade, as in five years they made Tripura a land of horror helping the criminals and anti-social to gang up against the development of the state and the people. Violence, attack, arson, and murder have become routine affairs; democratic institutions have suffered badly under BJP rule.

“Two weeks ago, left parties and Congress had made an appeal calling people to unite against the misrule of BJP. We got a tremendous response and common people wanted a united fight to free Tripura from the clutches of BJP’s misrule. As a result, Congress and left parties join hands, and hopefully, other non-BJP parties will come with us to defeat BJP,” Chowdhury claimed.

“A state Congress team will sit with the CPI(M) chief to finalize the seat-sharing agreement, as it has been decided to fight together in the assembly elections,” Dr Kumar said adding that the number of seats is not important, but the defeat of the saffron party is the main agenda,” he said.

He said CPI(M) Secretary has been in the process of discussing with TIPRA Motha Chairman Pradyot Debbarman to bring them into the fold to defeat BJP. All other parties have also been invited to join hands with us to succeed in the mission. The people of Tripura want to get rid of the misrule of BJP.

As a mark of respect to the people’s sentiment, we are holding talks to give the plan of defeating BJP a real shape. We shall soon take an effective step. BJP is the camp of all the political criminals; they are looting and destroying constitutional rights, Dr Kumar said.

“Tripura is now under the rule of a gang of criminals who have murdered a 76 -yr old man for supporting CPI(M) and gangraped a 16 -yrs old girl led by a minister’s son – but no action rather police took the side of criminals,” he added.

Reacting to the development, BJP president Rajib Bhattacharjee said the understanding between CPI(M) and Congress will give an advantage to BJP and both parties would reduce to zero and added, “Earlier, they used to maintain cozy relations covertly, and now it will be in the open. In fact, the CPI(M) had ruled for so long because of its understanding with Congress.”


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