Crime Update : Delhi terror suspect family detained in Mumbai

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Mumbai, Sep 15 : The family members of the Mumbai based terror suspect Jaan Mohammed Shaikh alias Samir Kaalia who was arrested on Tuesday by the Special Cell of Delhi Police, were grilled Wednesday morning by the officers of the Maharashtra Anti Terrorist Squad (ATS).

Mumbai Police detained them in the local Dharavi police station.

Shaikh, 47, alias ‘Samir Kaalia’ was nabbed along with five others who are allegedly part of a Pakistan-backed terror module which included two trained by ISI.

The family of Shaikh has lived in a slum of Sion area since the past many years.

He is married, his wife did odd jobs in the area and the couple have two daughters. More details are not available with the ATS and police are making enquiries in the vicinity to get more information on him.

Some locals recall him as a quiet driver, devoted to his family and a non-interfering type who kept mostly to himself.

Shaikh, who is believed to be close to Anees Ibrahim Kaskar, the younger brother of the most wanted Dawood, was allegedly given responsibility to deliver the arms and explosive materials to carry out terror attacks at various places in the country.


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