Crocodile spotted in Hyderabad’s Musi river

Crocodile spotted in Hyderabad’s Musi river

Hyderabad, Sep 18 : A crocodile was spotted on the bed of Musi river on Thursday, sending panic in Puranapul and surrounding areas in the old city of Hyderabad.

A local resident found the crocodile resting on the river bed and alerted the police. A large number of curious onlookers gathered on the banks of the river, causing traffic jam in the busy Puranapul area.

The police alerted the forest department, which deputed a team. The operation to capture the crocodile will resume on Friday.

It is suspected that the crocodile made its way into the river from Himayat Sagar or Osman Sagar, the two reservoirs upstream.

The reptile was found in the river a day after the city received heavy rainfall. The river, which has almost dried up, receives some inflows during monsoon.


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