CT Ravi : There will be Sharia, if India becomes Muslim-majority nation

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Bengaluru, Sep 1 : BJP National General Secretary C T Ravi has said there will not exit Dr Ambedkar’s constitution, but Sharia if India turns into a Muslim-majority country.

India gave shelter to Parsis and Jews, who were persecuted in Muslim-majority nations, but none of the Muslim-majority nations gave them shelter due to Sharia rule.

“Once nations become Muslim majority, Sharia is imposed. There is no value for Ambdekar’s constitution. India is the only country which gave shelter to Parsis and Jews,” he told reporters on Tuesday in Kalaburgi.

Ravi is on an election trail in Kalaburgi. The city is scheduled for municipal corporation election on September 3.

“Parsis and Jews were persecuted in Muslim-majority countries. Same situation prevails in Sharia-ruled countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Iran and Iraq,” he contended.

Ravi further said even Buddha’s statue was not spared by Sharia rule during the previous Taliban rule in Afghanistan and same fate would be meted out to the statues of Ambedkar and others.

“They (Talibanis) did not spare Buddha (statue), who gave the mantra of Ahimsa Paramo Dharma. Will they spare Ambedkar, Basavanna, Kanakadasa? They existed because of a Hindu-majority nation,” he argued.

There is no religion in the world other than Hinduism which believes in universal equality of the religions, Ravi said.

“Can anyone say that Islam’s original belief is Sarva Dharma Sambhava? There is no religion other than Hinduism which believes in universal equality of religions,” he said.

Taking on All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen president Asaduddin Owaisi, Ravi called his remarks as Muslims and Dalits are equal as lies.

“If that was true Dalits would not have escaped from Pakistan from fear of being persecuted. Dalit women in Pakistan would not have been victims of rape and conversion,” he said.


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