CVC to ministries : Finalize complaints against officials within 3 months

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The Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) has written to all central ministries and departments to finalize complaints against government officials within three months so that vigilance clearance is not held indefinitely.

In a communication sent to the apex body on Monday, the commission observed from the proposals received for vigilance clearance that complaints against employees remain on their vigilance profile without any further stir.

“It has become a situation in which there is no delay in vigilance clearance or fault of the employee,” the CVC order said. It asked ministries and departments to take such complaints against employees to their “logical conclusion” within three months of the date of receipt of the complaint.

The CVC order states that the logical conclusion is that a decision will be taken by the organization to file a complaint, either a vigilance case will be filed for further investigation, or a case of non-vigilance administrative action will be taken. .

The order stated, “As a pilot, backlog complaints received by December 31, 2020 will be dealt with as per the guidelines and compliance issued in this circular.”

At the end of the third month from the date of receipt of a complaint, and after a decision has been taken during the course of action, a copy of the complaint will be made available to the employee through Speed ​​Post within 15 days. If the employee’s name is not clearly mentioned, a copy of the complaint will be made available to the employees concerned at the stage of registration of a vigilance or non-vigilance case.

Subsequently, if it is decided to take the matter as a vigilance case, the concerned organization will send its inquiry report to the Commission or Chief Vigilance Officer (CVO), who can seek advice within three months of the registration of such a case. is. .

Former ONGC chairman RS Sharma, bypassing the directive, said: “These investigations are conducted for months, sometimes years and at the time of the authority of an officer, they are brought in for denial of promotion or other appropriate benefits.” . Delay in completing these investigations leads to harassment. The CVC’s direction is commendable. It is in the interest of natural justice. “

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