Cyclone Updates: Nivar cyclone claims 6, damages 543 km long road

Tirupati, Nov 29 : The Nivar cyclone which hit the Tamil Nadu coast early last week had cascading impact on 245 villages of 21 mandala in Chittoor district.

According to a report on losses and damages caused by torrential rainfall in the district following the cyclonic storm six persons were killed, 245 houses damaged,658 hectares of agricultural land and 1729.52 hectares of plantation land were destroyed.

The report said 543.8 Kms of roads and urban properties worth Rs 10.82 crore were damaged in rains besides 8012 sheep, goats and poultry lose. Nearly 4012 persons were sheltered in 44 rehabilitation centres.

District officials said the state government has announced ₹ 5 lakh compensation for the families of cyclone dead and also and grant of fertilizers at 80 per cent subsidy to farmers.


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