Deepak Prakash : Rameshwar Oraon should swear on Lord Ram & tell number of people dead due to lack of oxygen

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Ranchi, Jul 26 : State BJP president and Rajya Sabha MP Deepak Prakash has asked Finance Minister Rameshwar Oraon to swear on Lord Ram and tell the number of people who have died due to lack of oxygen in the second wave of Coronavirus.

He said that the Congress party is a master in misleading the people. A party which has never accepted the existence of Lord Ram is now remembering him he said and demanded the state Congress chief to tell the exact number of people who have died due to lack of oxygen in Jharkhand.

Mr Prakash said that instead of being sympathetic towards the Centre Dr Oraon should bring out the truth before the people as they have the right to know the truth.

He said that in reality Hemant government has only mislead the people amid Corona crisis. Mr Prakash claimed that people have managed to survive and save their lives by their own efforts and by the grace of the god and it has nothing to with the work of the state government.

He alleged that even the Ministers tried to mislead the people over Covid vaccination therefore the state government should pay more attention towards fulfilling the promises made to the people.


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