Defence Minister Rajnath Singh : No terror incident in India by sea route after Mumbai 2008 due to augmentation of security capabilities

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Chennai, Aug 28 : Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Saturday said the country has not witnessed any terror incident via sea route after the Mumbai 2008 attack due to augmentation of the security capabilities.

In his address after commissioning the ICG Ship Vigraha here, he said The journey of growth of India Coast Guard, which began with a modest 5-7 small boats, has today grown to over 20,000 active personnel, over 150 vessels and a fleet of over 65 aircrafts.

Since its inception, in the last 40-45 years, the Indian Coast Guard has made its mark at the international level by playing a leading role in coastal security as well as in maritime crises, and disasters.

“Be it the protection of our fishing community living in our coastal areas, extending assistance to Department of Customs or other similar authorities, protection of our islands and terminals, or scientific data collection and support, you have served the nation, in many ways”, he said.

“It is the result of this augmentation in the security capabilities that we have not suffered any terrorist accident by sea route since the 2008 Mumbai attack”, Mr Rajnath Singh said.


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