Delhi Govt, WRI to launch guidebook on workplace charging of Electric Vehicles

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New Delhi, November 24 : To encourage electric mobility in the national capital, Delhi Government and World Resources Institute (WRI) will launch a guidebook on November 29 about installing electric vehicle charging at workplaces, an official statement said on Wednesday.

The guidebook, named ‘Workplace Electric Vehicle Charging Guidebook for Corporates in Delhi,’ will be launched on November 29 and would encourage corporates to promote green mobility by installing charging stations at workplaces.

“The Dialogue and Development Commission of Delhi (DDC) and World Resources Institute (WRI), India will be launching the ‘Workplace Electric Vehicle Charging Guidebook for Corporates in Delhi.’ The Guidebook aims to help employers in their journey of adopting Electric Vehicle (EV) charging at the workplace,” the statement from the government said.

Underlining the importance of the guidebook, DDC Vice-Chairperson Jasmine Shah stated that 90 per cent of EVs are charged at home or workplaces.

“Research shows that 90 per cent of EVs are charged at home or workplace. By launching this step-by-step guide to install workplace charging, Delhi government aims to become the first state government in India to make corporates an integral part of the EV movement,” he said.

Executive Director (Integrated Transport) for WRI India, Amit Bhatt said workplace charging will become a necessity in the near future and employees will expect charging solutions.

“Workplace charging can help reduce the issue of range anxiety as it can provide charging solutions to employees who may not have residential charging access. Further, it will help in the greater adoption of EVs and benefit Delhi by contributing to cleaner air,” he added.

Delhi government had announced the Delhi Electric Vehicle Policy in August 2020 with an aim to improve Delhi’s air quality by driving the transition to electric vehicles, so that they can reach 25 per cent of all new vehicle registrations by 2024.


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