Delhi Lockdown News Update : Lockdown in Delhi is no solution to COVID-19

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New Delhi, Mar 27 : Delhi Health Minister Satyendar Jain on Saturday said that the lockdown in Delhi is no solution to COVID-19, adding ‘we have seen the lockdown but that did not defeat Corona completely’.

Mr Jain said, “As of now, there is no possibility of another lockdown. We had tried it earlier with not much success. Experts had said that due to its 14-day cycle, a 21-day lockdown would stop the spread of the virus but this did not happen. So for me, lockdown is no solution.”

‘We are doing 90 thousand Corona tests daily this is 5 times more than the country’s average,’ he said.

The Delhi Health Minister said that 80 percent of general and ICU beds in Covid hospitals are empty, beds will be increased if needed.

He said, “Hospitals have been provided with a sufficient number of beds. The occupancy is around 20 per cent, with around 80 per cent of beds being unoccupied. However, in the case of requirement, we would increase the number of beds. For instance, there are 500 beds in Rajiv Gandhi Super Specialty Hospital, but the occupancy is only around 20-25.

Hence, the number of beds available is sufficient. The rate of occupancy for ICU beds too is 20 per cent, the point being in LNJP we have 300 ICU beds. Even in Rajiv Gandhi Super Specialty Hospital, out of a total of 500, 300 are ICU beds. So a large number of ICU beds being provided and we would increase them if required.”

Mr Jain said, “I would like to reiterate that we have never let the number of beds decrease. Even the day we had 8,600 patients, even then Delhi had 18,500 beds out of which 8,500 beds were not occupied. So we would increase the number of beds but it is not required as of now. We will have to wait for at least a week to trace the definite turn which takes place. At times a fatigue factor too comes into play.

‘Earlier in Delhi, the compliance was really good so the number of cases had reduced drastically but from the past 10-15 days it has been felt that the compliance has decreased for which we are trying to adopt strict measures and appealing to the citizens to comply to the rules, the most important of them being wearing of masks in public places due to which its spread can be contained. I would like to appeal to the citizens, that even though more than 10 lakh people have been vaccinated in Delhi, they too should wear masks in public,” he said.

Mr Jain said random testing is being done at the railway stations and airports to check people coming from outside to Delhi.

He said, “The government is creating various teams to implement the measures about restrictions on public gatherings at Holi. Yet, I would like to appeal to one and all that we must celebrate the festival within our homes. These festivals would come next year as well wherein one could celebrate it publicly. When 50 people meet and come in contact, out of these even if 2 are positive, the rest would test positive too. Such events must be avoided. DMs and Police are creating District wise teams. Legal action would be taken against violators.”


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