Delhi News Update : Kejriwal seeks industrialists’ help in fighting 2nd Covid wave

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New Delhi, April 25 : Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Sunday wrote to leading industrialists of the country, seeking their help in combating the second wave of Covid-19.

Kejriwal said that he would be grateful if the industrialists, involved in using or producing oxygen and can help with transporting oxygen in cryogenic tankers, come to Delhi’s assistance in its time of need.

He wrote that due to an unprecedented rise in the number of Covid cases in Delhi, it was falling woefully short of our oxygen requirements and asked for this request to be treated as an SOS.

Kejriwal wrote that Delhi did not produce any oxygen, and currently faces an acute shortage of oxygen.

He wrote that while the Central Government is helping Delhi in this regard, the intensity of the spread is so severe that the quantity is proving inadequate.

In the letter, Kejriwal wrote, “As you are aware there is a severe shortage of oxygen in Delhi. Delhi does not produce any oxygen. Due to an unprecedented rise in Covid cases in the last few days, many Delhi hospitals have run out of oxygen. Daily supplies of oxygen to Delhi are woefully short of our requirements.

He further wrote, “I understand that your organisation either uses, produces or can come in possession of oxygen. I would be grateful if you could provide us any stocks of oxygen, along with cryogenic tankers for its movement. We would also welcome any help in import of cryogenic oxygen tankers from any other country. Kindly treat this as an SOS. I would be personally grateful for your support.”

On Saturday, Kejriwal wrote to Chief Ministers of all states requesting them for oxygen if they have spare.

“I would be grateful if the chief ministers could provide Delhi with any oxygen, along with tankers, from their state or any organization in their state,” Kejriwal had requested the Chief Ministers.


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