Delhi Update : Third wave of COVID now ending in Delhi: Kejriwal

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New Delhi, Dec 19 : Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Saturday said that with the efforts of the people of the city, the National Capital has effectively and successfully surpassed the third wave of COVID 19 which now seems to be ending.

In his address to people he said that the city has fought the most difficult fight against the pandemic beginning with the first wave of the disease during the month of June with deaths and cases spiking rapidly, while the second wave hit the city around August-September and the third wave struck the city around October end witnessing sharp spike in cases along with the increase in the air pollution levels across the city with stubble burning.

The Delhi CM said that at present there are around 90,000 tests being conducted in a day in the National Capital, which is the highest in the country.

He said that today’s spike in cases is of 1,133 new infections, whereas in November there was a day when the city also clocked 8,600 fresh infections amid the third wave.

In the tests the positivity rate has now reduced to 1.3 per cent which was higher earlier, and now the recovery rate is around 96 per cent.

He hailed the people of the city saying that it was due to the efforts of the people of the city who turned the fight against COVID into a movement, and, now it feels together with combined efforts the city has now almost controlled the third wave of the pandemic to a great extent.

‘ Now it feels that the third wave is about to end or has already ended, ‘ Kejriwal said.

He said that there was a time in November when the city witnessed a single spike of 8600 cases, and there were 9,500 beds occupied in the hospitals while 7,500 were vacant, he added , further appreciating the way COVID management was carried out in Delhi with the cooperation of everyone.

Increased testing has contributed a lot in controlling the situation as we used to test people and isolate them , which has helped a lot in managing the pandemic and the whole medical department and administration is to be thanked for, he said.

Kejriwal thanked everyone, including the Central government, for extending help whenever required , all the political parties and people who cooperated and helped.

Kejriwal , however, stressed on the fact that till the medication is not available for the disease everyone needs to follow guidelines and be cautious , wear masks and sanitize and wash hands in view of keeping one safe.


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