Democrats want Trump removed from office

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Washington, Jan 8 : The Democrats in both the houses of Congress on Thursday called for the removal of President Donald Trump from office after the violent invasion of the Capitol by his supporters, which they alleged was instigated by the president himself.

Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer said Mr Trump should be removed immediately. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that if President Trump is not removed from office then he could be impeached, a BBC report said.

However removing Trump from office would require Republican support and so far only a few have backed such a course of action.

Four people died during the riot, and 68 have now been arrested, even as the police looks for more suspects.

The failure of the police to prevent the mob from forcing its way into the Capitol Hill has also come under deep scrutiny, with officers being criticised for not anticipating such a turn of events even though there had been a build up for several days now.

Ms Pelosi has called for the resignation of the head of the US Capitol Police (USCP).

The official responsible for security in the House of Representatives, the sergeant at arms, has now resigned. Mr Schumer has called for his counterpart in the Senate to be sacked.


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