Development of sports very imp for development of society: PM

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Amethi (UP), Oct 13 : Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on Friday, emphasised that the development of sports is very important for the development of any society and said hundreds of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MPs have prepared a new path for the development of society and the country by organising sports competitions in their respective areas.

In a video message on the occasion of the concluding ceremony of MP Sports Competition organised by MP from Amethi Smriti Irani, the PM said, “For the development of any society, it is very important that sports develop there, and sports and players get the opportunity to flourish. Through sports, the feelings of personality development, like working hard to achieve the goal, trying again after losing, and moving forward by joining the team, develop in the youth in a natural way.”

He said, “Hundreds of BJP MPs have prepared a new path for the development of society and the country by organising sports competitions in their respective areas. The results of these efforts will be clearly visible to the country in the coming years. I am confident that the young players of Amethi will definitely win medals at national and international level in the coming years, and the experience gained from this competition will also be very useful.”

The PM said this month is very auspicious for sports in the country. “Our players have won a century of medals in the Asian Games. Amidst these events, Amethi players have also showcased their talent in sports. I congratulate all the players who participated in the MP sports competition.”

He said, “You must be feeling the new energy and self-confidence that you have gained from this competition, people from the entire region must be feeling it, and I start feeling it just by hearing it. It is this enthusiasm and self-confidence that we have to handle and nurture.”

Modi said the experience the players have gained in the last 25 days is a great asset to their sporting career. “Today, I also congratulate every person who, in the role of a teacher, in the role of an inspector, in the role of a school and college representative, has supported and encouraged these young players by joining this great campaign,” he said.

He said, “The gathering of more than one lakh players, that too in such a small area, is a big thing in itself. I especially congratulate Amethi’s MP, Smriti Irani, who made this event so successful.”

The PM said ,”when a player enters the field, he or she has only one aim, which is to make himself or herself and the team victorious. “Today, the entire country is thinking like the players. Players also think of the nation first when they play. At that moment, they put everything at stake and played for the country.”

He said, “At this time the country is also moving forward with a bigger goal. Every citizen of every district of the country has a role in making India developed. For this, every sector will have to move forward with one feeling, one goal, and one resolution.”

Modi said, “With this in mind, we are running schemes like the TOPS scheme (Target Olympic Podium Scheme) and Khelo India Games for youth like you in the country. Today, hundreds of athletes are being given training and coaching in the country and abroad under the TOPS scheme.”

He said, “These players are being given assistance worth crores of rupees. Under the Khelo India Games, more than 3,000 players are being given financial assistance of Rs 50,000 per month. With this, they are able to meet their training, diet, coaching, kit, necessary equipment, and other expenses.”

The PM said ,” in today’s changing India, the talent of small towns is getting a chance to come forward openly. “If today India has such a name in startups, then startups from small cities have a big role in it. Over the years, you must have noticed that many of the names that have become famous in the world of sports have come from small towns. This has happened because today in India, the youth are getting a chance to move forward with complete transparency.”

He said, “Even in the Asian Games, the athletes who won medals have not come from big cities. Many of these players are from small towns. Respecting their talent, we have given them all possible facilities. The result has been given by these athletes.”

Modi said ,”the performances of our UP’s Annu Rani and Parul Chaudhary have filled the entire country with pride. “This same land has also given the country athletes like Sudha Singh. We have to bring out such talent, refine it, and take it forward. This ‘Sansad Sports Competition’ is also a great medium for this.”

He said, “I have full confidence that the hard work of all of you will bear fruit in the coming days. One of you, some day, will bring glory to the country in the world with the tricolor flag of India. With the wish that the youth of Amethi should also play and blossom, once again I wish all of you my very best wishes.”

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