Dhaka didn’t protest over Prophet remark: Minister

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Dhaka, Aug 19 : Bangladesh Foreign Minister Abdul Momen has said that his country did not join the chorus against New Delhi in the Islamic word after a spokesperson for the ruling BJP made offensive remarks against the Prophet.

In a speech at Chittagong, the Minister said: “I said (Prime Minister) Sheikh Hasina should be sustained when I went to India.”

He also said that both Bangladesh and India needed political stability. “This is possible if India supports Sheikh Hasina’s government.”

“Many people call me India’s broker because when many things happen, I don’t give a strong message,” he added.

Addressing India, the Minister said, in a reference to a BJP spokesperson who was later suspended: “A lady said (some time back)… We did not say a word. Various countries spoke, we have not spoken a single word. We are giving you this kind of protection. It is for your good, for our good.”


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