Dhankhar raps Mamata govt, says governance needs uplift

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Kolkata, Dec 29 : Tearing into the Mamata Banerjee government, West Bengal Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar on Wednesday said “Neither law unto oneself nor state within state governance” can be constitutionally sanctified.

Taking to Twitter, Dhankhar said he was “stunned” at Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s stance, during her recent Goa trip, comparing the Governor to a king who sits in the Raj Bhavan.

He dubbed it an ”unexpected act of impropriety.”

Dhankhar said on December 16 he had urged the chief minister for interaction as” constitutional functionaries must act in harmony to serve people”.

“No response-why no dialogue & deliberation,” he tweeted.

Coming down heavily on the Trinamool Congress functionaries and State Ministers for publicly using

most “foul vituperative language defaming and insulting” the office of the Governor, Dhankhar said, “Undeterred by these (I) would continue to earnestly work to secure governance as per constitution & law. Present scenario alarmingly worrisome.”

“Neither “law unto oneself” nor ‘state within state’ governance @MamataOfficial can be constitutionally sanctified,” he said adding, “CM continually in breach of “duty” under Article 167 & politicized bureaucracy under Article 166.”

Dhankhar iterated that governance in the state needs massive uplift to be in accordance with the Constitution.


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